Food and Drink Paradise – You Have a Solution!

Are you searching for a solution to improve your spending power? Do you want to eat and spend normal?

How to manage the huge food expenses?

Everyday, many people walking round the supermarket, busy hunting for their lowest price food.

They are trying to find out the best price for their food. They are struggling themselves for solutions.

Can you control the food prices? How to manage your food expenses?

Don’t worry, you have always a solution. See some suggestions?

1. Select the lower prices vegetable.

2. Do not buy excess food.

3. Buy your favourite food only when they are on low price.

4. Search for fresh fruits, that not in perfect shapes.

5. Buy offer prices vegetable and cook on the same day.

6. When your favourite food is on sale, buy more and cook differently.

7. Don’t buy vegetable counted by weights.

8. Make dessert, salad and snacks from the cheaper fruits and vegetables.

9. Grow your own vegetables. Such as sprouts, potatoes and tomatoes.
It may help to reduce your marketing expenses.

10. Cook new vegetable with new recipes.

Are you ready? Begin with a new and easy soup?

Spaghetti and Tomato Soup

One canned corn
Little pork sausages
450 ml tomato soup

a. Cook spaghetti and place in bottom of a buttered casserole dish.
b. Add corn.
c. Fry sausages and onion.
d. Place them on top of the corn layer.
e. Cover all with the tomato soup and bake in 180°C oven, for 30 minutes.

Note: This will be an complete meal, with the addition of a fruit salad and a dessert.

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