Great Food and Drink in Helena, Montana

The last place I would have expected to have an unusually fine dining experience would have been Helena, Montana, population 30,000. I was pleasantly surprised when, while visiting a friend in Helena, we went to a restaurant called Taste of the City, owned by its chef, Jeremy Mather. We knew it might be a tad different when arriving at dusk we had to run the deer from the parking lot in order to park. As we were going in, Jeremy was coming out. He told us that his server’s grandfather had died and since business was slow, he had decided to close early. When he saw us, a party of four, he said that if we didn’t mind being served by the chef, to come in. We did and proceeded to have a delightful meal, great wine and an excellent dessert, all cooked and served by the owner. That evening alone would have been worth it, but it only got better. My friend and I were to fly fish for wild rainbow trout the next morning. We asked if he would consider cooking our catch if we were to come back the next evening. His only stipulation was that we would have to let him know if we were coming back for sure so that he could have time to shop for the right compliments to go with our fresh fish.

My friend and I had a great day on the Missouri River catching and mostly releasing some of the strongest fish for their size we had ever encountered. We were allowed to keep just one each which due to their size, turned out to be a generous serving for four. I had eaten eastern rainbow trout numerous times but this was my first experience with the salmon colored meat of the western trout. It was amazing, cooked to perfection with just the right side dishes and compliments personally picked by Jeremy the chef for our special evening.

Top 5 Food and Drink Related Team Building Activities

Team building activities don’t have to be boring or cringe worthy! There are tonnes of fun creative activities to choose from, and a lot of the indoor activities revolve around food and drink. Here are some of the best.

Cocktail Making

Most girls I know love to wind down after a busy week at work with a cocktail or two, so the chance to ‘sample’ some alcoholic concoctions in the name of team building will always be a winner. The fact that you also get to learn the art of mixology and get to create your very own cocktail (with the help of an expert) is even better! Corporate events company Out of the Office say that Cocktail Making is one of their most popular team building activities, of course as with all team building activities there is an element of competition involved. Let the ‘mix-off’ begin!

Cuisine Team

A cooking themed team building event that caters for both novice and experienced cooks. The Teambuilding Company run the event and has a mobile kitchen as well as venues around the UK. During the activity participants will learn how to prepare and cook food the way it’s meant to be done with the help of an expert chef, and at the end you will have the chance to taste each other’s courses. Get your Masterchef hat on!

Cupcake Decorating

Cupcakes have become the new fairy cakes don’t you know, and what better way to get in on the action by learning how to decorate your very own cupcakes. A professional cupcake maker (OK baker as they are known) will teach you how to decorate scrumptious cakes using coloured frosting, sugar strands, silver balls and all manner of lovely things. You will learn how to pipe and how to create the perfect cupcake, unlike the creations you used to make as a kid these are likely to be edible to. Out the Office also run this tasty event.

Sushi Making

I’ve always wanted to learn how to make Sushi but have never been brave enough to attempt it myself. YourSushi offers Sushi making classes as corporate events and according to customer feedback it’s enjoyable for sushi lovers and sushi novices. During the activity you will learn how to make a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian rolls as well as hand shaped sushi. You can taste as you go, as well as being armed with enough sushi to feed the five thousand when it’s over.

How Do You Find a Good Food and Drink Vending Machine Supplier?

You may require a vending machine for all sorts of reasons – the most obvious being convenience. Vending machines are available to sell alls sorts of food and drink from coffee to healthy snacks and bottled water.

You will need to find a good vending machine supplier to get your machine from because you will need a quality machine and a good back-up service. Because you will need top-up products and maintenance, the service aspect is actually really important.

There are a few ways to go about sourcing a supplier. You may already find that your company is tied in with a specific supplier such as may be the case with a large institution such as the NHS where bulk discounts get negotiated to help save money. If this is the case, you will probably have to stick with them.

If on the other hand you are free to choose your own supplier it is best to first ask other businesses that you know if they use a supplier and find out what they are like to deal with. Recommendations from people you know are usually pretty trustworthy and a good place to start.

If starting your search from scratch, it is a good idea to use the internet. Try Googling phrases relating to the product you want, such as ‘coffee vending’ and see what companies come up. Note that the results at the top and right of Google’s search results are paid, and the others are the unpaid, organic results.

On discovering a few suitable companies, look for testimonials on their website or online reviews to see how people rate their products and service.

Sometimes you will find umbrella organisations that represent a group of vending machine suppliers. They are useful to use because the suppliers are usually vetted before being allowed to join. If you come across a site like this you will probably come across a supplier-locator where you can search for members near you.

It is useful to deal with fairly local suppliers because it is easier and cheaper to get products from them, not to mention better for the environment in terms of fuel use and power used for refrigerated delivery vans (if buying perishable goods).

There are many great vending machine suppliers out there and you need to find the one that best suits your needs but remember that price isn’t always the useful deciding factor – a cheap company can be terrible and that will not help you in the long run.

Whet Your Appetite During the Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight

If you love Scottish food you’re sure to not want to miss a two-week event taking place in Scotland in September.

Plan a stay at your large holiday house in the region to make the most of the Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight, which champions local produce to protect the nation’s culinary heritage and help safeguard the future of workers such as farmers and fishermen.

The event celebrates local fare across restaurants and shops while also encouraging healthy eating. It runs between September 4th and 19th and could provide an excellent opportunity to catch up with friends and rent a castle in Scotland to spend some time together.

Both big brand and local artisan businesses are invited to take part, showcasing their wares alongside window displays and offering samples of produce to passers-by or drawing people in with banners and signs.

Restaurants in the nation will be developing special Scottish-themed menus over the two-week period and some may be running competitions for consumers to create their own Scottish recipes, with the winner chosen to be made into a dish at the eateries.

Some will be holding cookery courses with local chefs to highlight how you can recreate the best traditional dishes back at your Scottish holiday home, making the most of local ingredients.

Recipes concocted by big names in the local industry for the festival include marbled roulade of chicken, goats cheese, roast red pepper and basil, served with warm tomato relish, rocket and parmesan salad and pesto dressing, as invented by Willie Pike of the Federation of Master Chefs Scotland.

Contests are set to run throughout the event, such as the Mini Masterchef, which was held in 2009 for youngsters aged from eight to 14 when it was won by an eight-year-old girl.

Meanwhile, if you’re staying in a far-flung Scottish holiday home, you may find you have access to a range of food-related films in rural areas, as the event organisers have teamed up with cinema access provider Regional Screen Scotland to put on shows in remote location in conjunction with local food producers.

Advance Your Product – Putting to Work Promotional Food and Drinks

Food and beverage is one of the fundamental necessities that the human body requires in order to survive. putting to work food and drinks in advancing your business is a worthwhile investment because it provides a wide range of benefits. Capitalizing on the conventional avenue of advertising can be overpriced. If your business has a limited allocation for promotional work, dispensing thousands or even millions of dollars seems a bad idea.

Putting To Use promotional food and drinks for advertising your business is an financially bearable but effective way of increasing your exposure in the industry. With personalized food and drinks products, you do not have to be irritated about earmark a huge amount of budget in order to advertise your business. In contrast to newspaper pluggings or setting up billboards, food and drink products are more manageable and require minimal budget.

Aside from being financially bearable, customized products also offer a wide range of elections. Depending on the line of business you are involved in, chancing upon the right material for your promotional work will never be a predicament. The main advantage of these products is that they can be customized to serve to your advertising necessities. You can add your company name and logo to have the appropriate advertising material.

Although they require small capital, customized food and drinks can generate a longstanding and far-reaching impact on your business. It can augment your client base compared to the traditional channel of advertising. These products aid address your need for a long term advertising solution. You can concentrate on the more important aspects of your business and let the promotional item do the advertising for you.

The money that you cough up for the promotional food and drink item will not go to waste as you can look forward to excellent results. The small capital that you make can be translated into profits or possible business growth. Likewise, you can foresee getting considerable savings which you can divert to the more critical aspects of your business. Mulling over promotional food and drink is a worthwhile transaction that you can make for your business. You could find yourself reaping the fruits sooner than you anticipate.

Czech Food and Drink – Chicagoland’s Best Czech Restaurants

If you are of Czech heritage, you certainly understand the joy of a great Czech style meal. Even if you’re not, a visit to one of these wonderful Chicagoland restaurants will have you singing the praises of Czech food and drink. Here’s a list of a few of our favorites…

The greater Chicago area has one of the largest Czech and Bohemian heritage populations in America. It’s no surprise then that you will find numerous culinary gems in and around Chicago celebrating these cultures.

Most of the Czech population in Chicago is located in the near western suburbs. Suburban villages like Berwyn, Stickney, Cicero, and Brookfield all host large Czech, Slovak, and Bohemian heritage communities. Located about 20 minutes west of downtown Chicago, these suburbs are home to three of the best Czech restaurants in America. Let’s take a closer look…

Klas Restaurant: Cicero

Klas is the grand daddy of all of these wonderful restaurants, having opened its doors in 1922. It’s a huge place and has hosted numerous dignitaries over the years.

These days, Klas is open on weekends and for banquets during the week. The interior is a treasure trove of antiques and authentic items from Bohemia and the Czech Republic. And the only thing more authentic than the decor is the food!

The dumplings here are other worldly, as is the goulash and any of the pork dishes. This is a great place to kick back and enjoy a wonderful meal with friends and family, and to soak up some local history as well.

Czech Plaza: Berwyn

Just minutes away from Klas, in the next suburb west actually, is Czech Plaza, an authentic destination for home cooked food for almost 50 years. It is conveniently located on Cermak Road, making it easy to reach from anywhere in the Chicago area.

The beautiful bar area is a destination in itself, but you will want to focus on the great food. Served in large portions at ultra reasonable prices, it may just become one of your favorites.

We are big fans of the Bohemian meatloaf here. Although we don’t know the recipe, we believe it to be a combination of ground pork and beef. It’s hearty, mildly spiced, and worth going out of your way for. Another good choice is the Farmers Platter, a sampling of several dishes on the menu, and perfect for those who are unfamiliar with the cuisine.

Moldau Restaurant: Brookfield

About 10 short minutes west of Berwyn is the village of Brookfield, bisected by busy Ogden Avenue. Ogden runs all the way from downtown Chicago out to west central Illinois, also going by the name Route 34. It is one of the main commercial strips in Brookfield, and where you’ll find Moldau Restaurant.

Moldau has long been one of our favorites, being just minutes from our high school alma mater. It’s a small place, but big on flavor. The hours here are early and the place usually closes by about 8 p.m., so plan on an early dinner

Any of the pork platters are outstanding at Moldau. Roast pork with sauerkraut and dumplings is as good as it gets! Save room for dessert and coffee. It comes with the meal, as is the tradition in these restaurants, but it’s really easy to fill up before hand.

An Elementary School in North Carolina Rethinks Student Rules on Food and Drink

No gum. No food. No candy. No drinks. It’s easy to understand why elementary school students are asked to follow classroom rules. Teachers are too busy to spend time scraping gum off the floors and the underside of desks and mopping up spills made by their students. Perhaps it is far easier to simply forbid all food and drinks from the classroom. However the teachers and parents at the school where I serve as principal recently decided to rethink some of their rules nor the benefit of the students.

Why? Think about it this way. Let’s say a child eats dinner at home at 6:00pm on most evenings. The child goes to bed around 8:30pm and awakens early enough to get on the school bus at 6:30am. At this early hour there may not be time for breakfast. School lunch is served at 12 noon during the school day. That is a whopping 18 hours without food, an unreasonable amount of time for a tiny growing body.

Similarly, students may never have the opportunity to drink fresh water. Dehydration can cause students to become sluggish and tired. Drinking water helps curb the appetite and flush out toxins in the body.

What did our school do about this conundrum? For starters, our district approved free breakfast for all students. Already about 75% of our students were receiving free or reduced meals from a federal government program, so allowing the remainder of the students to have breakfast at no charge wasn’t a huge burden for the district.

We take upon ourselves at the school to encourage students to eat breakfast at the school. Our cafeteria staff works to make sure the morning line moves fast and the food is tasty. Often the kids eat a fortified cereal bar, a fruit, and a milk. Our bus drivers and teacher assistants make sure the students move from the school bus to the cafeteria first thing in the mornings. Our teachers allow car students to bring their cafeteria meal into the classroom if they don’t have time to finish their meals prior to the sound of the tardy bell. I occasionally check our numbers with the cafeteria manager to see how many students are getting breakfast, and I send out reminders to parents that it is important for students to have a nutritious breakfast each morning.

Furthermore, we encourage students to keep water bottles with them in class. We ask that the bottles be clear so that we can ensure that they are indeed drinking water and that the container have a lid. Teachers often prefer that the water bottles are made with a sports top, in which a stopper can be opened or closed easily.

The results so far appear to be very positive. It seems to me that student behavior is better and that teachers are able to get a lot of work out of their students. Students able to focus on their studies instead of their stomachs. Students continue to bring their water bottles. At least one student reportedly asks for water at home instead of sodas.

Just is week I got a call from the local fire department. They had heard about our new initiative and offered to provide all of the students with fire-safety themed water bottles. It is great to know that the community is getting on board with what we at the school feel is an important way to educate our students from head to toe.

Some Low Carb Foods Can Make You Happy-Boost Your Mood With the Right Low Carb Diet Foods and Drinks

For low carb diet foods to make you happy, they need to be the right kinds of low carb foods and drinks. If you’re reading this and thinking about things like ice cream, cookies or sweet rolls as foods that make you feel good, that is not where we’re going with this. Also, we’re not talking about low carb snack foods that are usually lacking in any real nutrition. To understand precisely what we’re discussing, let’s take a look at how certain nutrients affect the brain, the nervous system and your overall mood.

Let’s say you’ve got an important business presentation and your nervous about standing up in front of a group of your peers. Which of these would you choose to calm your anxiety?

A. A diet soda

B. A glass of milk

C. A handful of Gummy Bears

D. A low carb food formula in a health drink

Believe it or not, C is a correct answer if you want a quick fix that’s not really very good for you in the long run. In some people, sugar from candy acts as a short energy boost followed by a quick drop while some people go straight to the crash. However, D, a low carb food formula in a health drink is the best choice. This is because liquids are digested more rapidly and absorbed right away. Assuming that your low carb diet food health drink is made with natural ingredients, including whole foods with complex carbohydrates, then you will gain the most calming effect.

If you thought a glass of milk was the best choice for relaxing, you should know that mixing protein with carbohydrates reduces the carb’s calming properties. So, next time you are eating a high carb cereal, don’t put milk on it if you want to feel less anxious as you get ready to face the day.

Drinking a diet soda with artificial sweeteners is the worst choice you could make. Low carb diet foods and drinks that contain aspartame and saccharin do anything but calm the brain and nervous system. Avoiding these chemical ingredients in low carb foods or drinks is always a good idea, but especially if you are trying to relax.

The bottom line is that when you want to calm down, you can eat high carb foods, like potatoes, pasta, breads and other starches, or you can drink a naturally formulated low carb food mixture that will give you more benefits. Not only will your brain and nervous system get quick anxiety reduction, your body will get complex carbohydrates it can use for long lasting energy.

An ancient Chinese proverb states, “In times of stress, sweeten the tea”. Our ancestors commonly consumed a spoonful of honey before bed to induce restful sleep. This may run contrary to the popular opinion that sugar gives you quick energy. Instead, recent research suggests that, “all carbohydrates, including sugar and starches have the opposite effect on most ordinary people” (Food-Your Miracle Medicine by Jean Carper-Harper Collins Publishers-1993). There are numerous experiments that show carbohydrates to be more like mild tranquilizers than pick-me-ups.

How some high carb foods act as sedatives, according to experts, could be due to complicated biochemical reactions. One theory is that carbs clear the way for the brain to receive more tryptophan, an amino acid that gets converted into serotonin. Now, researchers are learning more about the ability of serotonin to act as a calming chemical in the brain and nervous system. That’s why you hear about people with low serotonin levels developing greater stress. If you are eating low carb foods on a regular basis and feeling some nervousness or overly revved up energy, make sure you are getting tryptophan and serotonin by eating the right low carb diet foods.

Custom Food and Drink Promotional Items

Every year, custom food and drink items rank high on the list of the most popular and best-selling promotional products. Products in this category range from packs of gum and individually-wrapped mints to holiday popcorn tins and towering chocolate gift baskets! These delicious products are most commonly used as business gifts, but they are also perfect for trade shows, parties, fundraisers, and promoting brand awareness.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to customizing edible promotions. One of the important things to remember is that with most food-items, the amount of exposure your logo will get will be short-lived. Unlike other promotional items such as pens or magnets, food is eaten and then the packaging is discarded. So, you’ll need to make a great first impression to ensure that you’re getting the most for your marketing dollars.

One way to make a big impression with custom food and drink promotional items is by choosing a brand name product that people recognize and admire. Brands like Ghiradelli, Jelly Belly, and Mrs. Fields are some examples of renowned brands that most people have already formed a positive opinion of. By imprinting your logo on one of these quality products, those positive associations are transferred to your brand!

Another way to make a big impression is to cater to the tastes of your audience. If you’re giving a gift to a sophisticated and cultured crowd, a bottle of wine is better than a pack of promotional chewing gum! Keep the occasion in mind when selecting a custom food or drink gift. Holiday gifts generally call for higher-quality products, but if you are just running an every-day brand building campaign, you can probably get away with mid-tier gifts and still receive a positive response.

Overall, food and drink promotional items are extremely popular and well-received. Despite the fact that your logo may not been seen for a long time, these gifts make a strong impression nonetheless.

Czech Food and Drink – The Top Five Czech Restaurants in America

Are you craving some hearty, satisfying Czech style cuisine but you’re nowhere near the Czech Republic? Never fear… here are five inviting, authentic restaurants in America where you can sample the finest Czech style food and drink…

Although there are millions of people of Czech descent in the United States, Czech restaurants aren’t particularly common. We are not sure why, because the cuisine is some of the most satisfying and delicious you’ll ever find at a dinner table.

Pork, beef, dumplings, and home made desserts are key elements of a Czech style dinner. The meat is prepared in a variety of ways, from hearty stews and soups to baked or pan breaded. In several heritage communities across America, you’ll find a few gems, just waiting for you to stop by.

In no particular order, here is a list of five of our favorites:

Milan’s Restaurant: Brooklyn, New York

Milan’s doesn’t look like much from the outside, but once inside you are transported to central Europe. The comfortable and traditional decor melds well with the lovingly prepared meals.

You can also buy authentic packaged goods from Slovakia and the Czech Republic here, including bottled beer, soda, and grocery items.

Our favorites here? Cabbage soup with smoked meat, roast pork with sauerkraut and dumplings, all washed down with one of the four Czech beers on the menu.

Cafe Bohemia: Omaha, Nebraska

Just a mile south of the Old Market district in downtown Omaha is Cafe Bohemia. This cozy restaurant has been serving authentic cuisine since the 1920’s, at very reasonable prices. You won’t go home hungry, that’s for sure!

Cafe Bohemia is a great place to try swieckova, a sauerbraten style dish usually served with dumplings or potato pancakes. But if you’re not sure, don’t worry. The friendly, experienced waitresses will steer you in the right direction.

Klas Restaurant: Cicero, Illinois

The largest Czech restaurant in the United State, Klas has greeted diners since 1922. It is only open Thursdays through Sundays. The large interior room is decorated with original antiques and assorted treasures directly from the Czech Republic.

We like coming here for lunch. Lunches are served Bohemian style, with soup, salad bar, entree, two sides, and dessert. Cicero is a near west suburb of Chicago, about 20 minutes from downtown.

Moldau Restaurant: Brookfield, Illinois

A staple in the thriving west suburban Chicago Czech community, this is another comfort food gem. It is located on Ogden Avenue, about 10 minutes west of Klas Restaurant.

Moldau is a small, quaint place that does brisk business on Sundays. Come here for the roast duck and home made desserts.

Czech-Tex Restaurant: Snook, Texas

Like Chicago, south central Texas also has a large Czech heritage community. The little town of Snook, about ten miles from College Station, boasts Czech-Tex, kind of combination barbecue and old world place that dished up traditional dishes to your hearts content.

Every day, you will find the chicken and dumpling special on the menu. Pot roast, grilled pork chops, and smoked prime rib are other favorites.


Are you hungry yet? If so, head to one of these authentic Czech style restaurants for traditional central European style food in a warm and friendly atmosphere.